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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Hello Everyone!

Hello Everyone!

My name is Sreenath.

It will all sound so boring if I start writing about myself. The below are excerpts from articles written by my friends about me. Make a picture of me from the things below.

Hafeez says: It was form my stop tht he used 2 board the college bus,I know him well..A guy with a poets and a Romeo’s heart... a very friendly person..most of our combine studies wer in his house,and not 2 mention the gugu paripadis... Tht was real fun...those days...hope tht they remain in our memory 4 a long long time.. Now he 2 is doing hacking and those kind of stuff,( avante bhashayil paranjal, Middle eastille muzhuvan networkum avante kaayilanu!!)... I hope tht he gets a gal of his dreams... and b successful in all matters of life!! Wishing u all the best in E&Y man!!

Comments: No doubt that you are one of my finest friends too.

Nibin says: Sreenath -----> romantic in Heart but needs to be more practical

Comment: I will definitely consider that.

Jyothi says: hello everybody...its the first time i am writing in this blog.and i am having a greater time now becoz now i am going to write abt sreenath..who is my very good friend...although every time he teases me he helps me a lots in my everybody is telling that he is a very romantic person..infact i would also tell that he is very i wont be shocked when he tells me that there is some cataclysmic changes have happened in his life..particularly his love life..and abt his studies..he is really intelligent,but not utilising his resources and his capablilities..anyway he have a lots of expectations on his future project and may god bless him to fulfill his dreams..

Comments: I express my affection to people in many ways. I have always quarreled with you, made you cry many times but I understand that you know you are a very special person in my life.

Panackal says: Now what to say??? First of all he is one of my best friends... we became friends from the first day of college as both of us were from ambalamukku... thereafter the friendship grew quickly... we have had grt times together... If i am not at my home then i will be there at his... we boys spend a lot of time in his house... combined studies, playing cricket, overnight study and stay, and also we used to have some overnight and daytime gugus... Like most others i also think that he is too romantic and makes quick decisions abt his love life... but he is sincere in whatever he does and thats one of his grt qualities... he was there whenever i needed some help and support and i believe that i can always rely on him... I think he should take more interest in his studies bcoz he is not realizing his capabilities... We are doing the project together and i look forward to interesting days of project.......

Comments: Your friendships always reminds me of Jai and Veeru from Sholay. “Yeh dosti, hum nahi thodegey. Thodegey dum marag, tera saath naa thodegey”

Dhanya (or Danya as she calls herselfs): Sreenath........ He was the first frnd i got at mcet....always a good frnd ...eventhough our relation had some crusts and troughs v were good frnd,v are and v ll b gud frnds forever....the 1 imp factor i saw in him is his strong relationship wit his family and relatives....and of course to his friends(old as well as new)....he maintains a good relation wit his dear old best frnd deepti even though v moke him saying room no 420(char so bees)...may god almighty bless him to b a good frnd 4 all of us,loving vichu 4 his family and a loving and caring husband for his would b...

Comments: I feel blessed because you still treat me as a good friend even after all those horrible things that happened between us. I have always regretted for doing all those. I am really glad that we have made it up all between us. Nice to have you back as a great trustworthy friend.

Nisha says: a romantic guy...with great humour sense.....let me tell u guys...he will do anything for his loved ones.....he is trustworthy n a great friend........he is a great poet n all his poems hav a romantic touch.....i lov the way he teases jyothi......he has enough brains but he is too lazy to sit n study any stuffs....n his laziness is reflecting in his marks too......has only one poison in his life which i hate the most......altogether a cool guy whom u can rely on..

Comments: My sweetest sister.

Naveen says: its been a long time since i have posted something. Naru said some pretty rough english 2 me & asked me 2 post abt sree. So...i am here...ready 2 give my views abt. him.. As every1 said, he is really a romantic person....infact, i would say....2222222222 romantic... Aaliya... lifeil ithreyum romantic aavanda aavashyam illa...1st time, mannum chari ninnavan pennum kondu poyi...2nd time.... ellam karthavinu vittu koduthu.... maybe u have some1 better waiting 4 u...somewhere some1 maybe waiting 4 u.... dont worry.... other than this...he is a good guy... gives great importance 2 friendship,and is a poet of a sort...

Comments: “Everything happens for good”. “Sambhavikyunattu ellam nallatinnu”. I am so happy now. Mistakes after mistake made me a wiser man.

Parvathy (Paru) says: traveling down my memory lane to our s1s2 days, sreenath was one among those few boys i had had an acquaintance with (mainly due to the regular fight sessions betwn jyothi n him---and the saga continues even after 3 yrs!!) . According to me he n dhanya were the BEST class reps we ever had. To me, sreenath is just like my appu n deepu as jyothi is like ammu to me! i have formed a great bonding betwn these 2 pple and i m sure this will last forever. my only request to sreenath is tht please save your so called "romantic" feelings & sentiments for your life partner & DONT be like 'Dil Chahtha Hai' Saif!! bcoz whenever i see the movie i can relate him with sreenath.[i m sorry if i sound rude..but i seriously feel tht way] Anyways, to me sreenath has always been a really good friend..someone i can say whatever comes to my mind without any formalities..As a friend, he is surely someone whom u can trust n he indeed is a "Friend in need".

Comments: Some of those strange dreams of your has helped me get creating at time.

Kiran (Kiru) says: When i see sree sometimes i feel he is not emotionally matured enough!! I dont know if he is acting in that way?? Sometimes i wonder how fast he changes his mind from one girl to another?? maybe he always had a bad experience with love!! At times he gives a feeling that he is not bothered about money! Sree u r a nice friend...and u r really sincere towards ur friends..U have a nice smile( or is it cry???) when u r in 'form' !! But u should really become mature( atleast in the case of love matter)!!! He is real cool dude(how can a man be so calm even after he reached the exam hall 2 days late???) He has some matter inside his brain..but is very lazy!! the best thing i found in him is, he never forgets his old friends!! so iam sure that he will always remain my friend!!
Comments: Kiru. I strongly believe, “There is no point in growing up if you can’t be child at time”. Where else do I get to act like a child other that in front of my friends.

Suleena (Sulu) says: hiiiiiiiiiii every1. So the next scapegoat is sree. the first person or rather the first character tht comes to my mind when thinkin abt sree is the Saif Ali of Dil Chahtha Hai u knw.. the "in and out of luv kind of a guy". well watever, he is a gr8 frnd. one tht u can always count on and a easy go lucky character. one fellow i must say who takes everything lightly but definitely gets things done. we were supposed to be proj mates but unfortunately.... otherwise i was sure to have a gr8 time with him and of course panackal and div. i'll miss tht. he seems to run behind the fantasies of luv a bit too much but then thts probably y every1 termed him romantic. thts it abt him.

Comments: You have seen it all, Saif of DCH becomes Shahruk of DDLJ.

divya: abt sree... very loving and caring u c him all the time engaged in making movies related to his friends... he is really a sweet person with whom u can b loyal and sincere. we r gud friends(rite prj mate)...i enjoy his company a lot.

Comments: One of the sweetest sisters of mine. We have spent a lot of wonderful times together.

Now I guess you people have a faint picture of what I am and how is it like to be with me.

I will keep posting and you guys keep reading. (If not bored).

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